Group Accident & Health Insurance helps companies identify and mitigate the risks their employees face. As a corporate, your employees are your biggest asset and it helps when they know you will take care of them and their families should anything happen to them.

Our comprehensive range of group Accident & health insurance products covers every risk – from business travel to group personal Accidents. So that you and your employees can benefit from the same and concentrate on productivity, rather than the risks.

The key products offered under Group Accident & Health in the Indian market are:

Group Travel Insurance

Business travel is an essential part of almost every organisation. Fact is travelling in India or worldwide comes with certain risks and responsibilities.

Group Medical Insurance

Businesses cannot function without people. With the Group Mediclaim Policy, you can provide your employees/members the optimum cover they require.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Expect the unexpected is a good thumb rule when it comes to most businesses.